IRC Clients

DocSynch runs on top of IRC, so you additionally need an IRC client that fits DocSynch. This means that DocSynch acts like an IRC bot, therefore the IRC client must allow such an addition. Normal clients do not fulfil this requirement, thus we must modify existing ones or write our own.

jEdit IRC plugin

This is the plugin you need for DocSynch in jEdit. It was started by Maik Schreiber, maintained by Lionel Fiol for some time and is now modified by me, in order to allow other plugins to register as Bots, intercepting incoming messages and automatically sending own messages.

Officially released at

The current stable version is 2.1. It can be downloaded through jEdit's plugin manager or at jEdit Plugin Central - IRC. This version is fully compatible with jEdit 4.2. If you download it manually, please copy the IRC.jar file contained in the archive into your user jEdit plugin directory (<HOME>/.jedit/jars) or the system wide directory (<PATH_TO_JEDIT_INSTALLATION>/jars).

PlugIRC - an IRC client widget (written in Java)

Work in progress (IRC 3.0)


Older Feature Ideas