Features & TODOs

These are the features and TODOs for the docsynch-core library, which is and will be used by all plugins.
Some GUI-specific features might require the most work inside the plugin-specific code.

The percentage done values are a rough estimation (except the 100% and planned ones ;-).

If you have any feature suggestions, please mail to aklimets@users.sourceforge.net.

Feature Description Status % done
Manual lock mode Explicitly gain the mutex for writing through a button-click or shortcut and release it the same way after you have typed. Finished.
Auto lock mode Almost the same as manual lock mode, but the lock is acquired (or at least it is tried) when you start to type. It will be automatically released again if you do not type for a few seconds. Very editor dependent due to the ability of catching key events before they are typed.
Teacher lock mode Only the master decides who will get the mutex.
Real-Time mode Everyone can write synchronously at the same time. Requires implementation of an Operational Transformation algorithm.
Correct Undo and Redo (incl. Group undo) Currently working with Undo can mess up the color highlighting (deleting text authored by another person and then undoing it will insert the text again, but now labeled with you as the author). Together with the real-time mode, the group undo concept will be introduced, which means that all clients will be informed that someone does an undo.
Highlighting of user changes Mainly a GUI feature, but the management of change blocks (one for a continuous part of text edited by a certain user) is built into the library. Finished.
PlugIRC IRC client model A fully featured IRC client model (independent from GUI) written in Java for the IRC widget "PlugIRC". working
PlugIRC Swing GUI A Swing GUI for the IRC widget "PlugIRC". working
PlugIRC SWT GUI An Eclipse SWT/JFace GUI for the IRC widget "PlugIRC".
PlugIRC Windows Forms GUI A Windows Forms GUI for the IRC widget "PlugIRC", written in J#.
Select and show Select/highlight some portion of text, click on "Highlight" and the selection is shown at the other clients. Useful to be able to explicitly identify certain parts while discussing a document.