DocSynch Users Guide

Alexander Klimetschek

Table of Contents

What is DocSynch?
1. Quick Introduction
How to install
DocSynch Terms
Starting a session
DocSynch Window - GUI
Joining an IRC channel
Choosing the documents
Starting / Joining
Editing the documents
Acquiring write access
Inserting / Removing
Highlighting of Changes
Insert Queue
Flood-Kickout Protection
Other tasks
Adding and removing documents during the session
Leaving the session as a master
A problem occured, the session seems to be corrupted
User cannot join, file transfers fail
When I enter text, I get disconnected from the IRC server immediately
2. Reference
Available Actions (for shortcuts)
IRC functionality
3. Security
Restricting Users
Securing IRC connections
Securing DCC connections
The problem
A workaround

List of Figures

1. DocSynch Screenshot
1.1. DocSynch window with annotations
1.2. Status when you are in an IRC channel
1.3. Buffer list box
1.4. Add Button
1.5. Add All Button
1.6. Status label when a session is running
1.7. Progress of a file transfer
1.8. User list
1.9. Document list with write access status
1.10. Colored highlighting with tooltip
2.1. General Option Pane